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We see hundreds of business ideas, proposals and investment opportunities each year.   We take a position in only a handful of these.  Some of the best investment decisions we have made are those we have rejected.   We typically take significant equity positions, but not always a majority stake.  Then the real work begins - we work closely with our partners to hone a clear and articulate strategy and assist with deploying the right resources and investment capital to scale the business and realise its potential.  We don't have a formulaic approach to exit timelines - put simply, we exit when the time is right, with no pressure to do so.    

Identifying the Winners

We carefully review the industry, segment, business proposition and executive team in determining whether a winning opportunity exists.  We evaluate if and how we can add value.


Defining the Strategy

We are passionate about clear focus and purpose.  Many of our decisions revolve around what not to do.  We work closely with the various executive teams to define a clear and well articulated strategy.  We then support the team to execute on this strategy.  

Creating Value


We provide extensive access to our proven expertise, networks and professional advisors. We don't run the operations -  we support management.


 Equity Partnership

We back our partners and we back ourselves.  We do this by committing significant capital to the businesses to ensure our interests are aligned.  We don't just provide advice - we make real returns through real investment of time, effort and capital.




Our track record reflects our ability to build scale.   Most of the enterprises in which we have invested were initially small. We focus on the strategy, people, infrastructure, change management, systems and investment required to scale - and we do this ahead of the growth curve. This means that more often than not, we are willing to sacrifice short term profitability for long term scale.  


If there is not a clear path to scaling a business, we won't invest.  

Great People

Our decision to invest is motivated as much by the opportunity as it is by the people runnning it and the talent we can attract. We refer to this as the social chemistry -  that ultimately its all about the people, their skills, intellect and strength of character.   A great team with good ideas has a much better chance of success than a brilliant idea with an average team to execute.











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