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We take a very different approach in deciding which businesses and people we back and support.  At Quartet Ventures, we have the experience of building succesful businesses and know what it takes to get there.   For us, its all about great people, disruptive ideas and brilliant execution.   We back people who are hungry and are happy to share in success.


We don't invest in start-up's, we always invest for the long term.  We don't own 100% of the businesses in which we invest - we co-invest and want our partners to think and feel about the businesses the way do. Our partners are the fourth element of Quartet.   We are committed to good corporate governance but are passionately averse to bureaucracy.  We are slightly paranoid that unless we drive innovation and change, the businesses we invest in will be disrupted.  Gut is good, data is better.  And good enough today will not ensure survival tomorrow.  We are willing to take considered risks, and are not faint of heart.  When the going gets tough, that's usually when we see an opportunity to invest more. We've made mistakes in the past and have learned from them.  



We back game-changers

We back those who are keen to disrupt the status quo, those willing to take on industry leaders, those with tenacity and a capacity to think out the box. Similarly, we ensure that our interests are aligned with partners' interests.  We like to back partners who are willing to back themselves.

Our sweetspot

Typically, we invest in enterprises with:


  • proprietary knowledge, technology or processes

  • current or near-term EBITDA between $1.0 million and $10 million

  • an opportunity to disrupt an existing market

  • sustainable, profitable and growing cash flows

  • clear and unique competitive advantages

  • a need for additional capital and expertise to accelerate growth



Unless we can see a clear opportunity for us to add value, we don't invest in:

  • mature businesses

  • early stage and non-profitable enterprises

  • low growth industries or market segments

  • mining/resources

  • property or construction ventures

We actively support our partners

We support execution and strategy through leveraging our past experiences and via active board participation.  We have lived through the challenges that face most enterprises.  We have experienced the pain and shared in the rewards that come with great execution, tenacity and fortitude.  


We have the experience

Our directors have founded, built, scaled and exited a broad range of iconic companies in Australia and internationally.    

Few venture capital firms or investment banks have a team with a proven ability to identify opportunitues, actively partner with and build highly succesful businesses, and create extensive value for shareholders.  Our unique proposition is that we have a proven record of building iconic brands with our partners  - and are looking to partner with others wanting to actively do it with us.


Our Advisors

We work closely with our advisors and can leverage their expertise in different areas across our investments:

  • Due diligence

  • Tax & Structuring

  • Audit & Risk

  • Strategy

  • Legal & Complaince

  • Corporate Governance

  • Industry Expertise & Research

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