Mark Rohald


Mark has over 25 years experience in private education, training and human resource development businesses in the UK, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Mark co-founded and invested in a number of private and publically listed education and human resource developement companies and has served on the Board of more than 25 organisations.


Mark was the co-founder and joint CEO of the Think: Education Group, one of Australia's leading private providers of campus-based education and training.  This business was subsequently sold to Seek.


More recently, Mark was the co-founder and joint CEO of Open Colleges, the largest private online education provider in Australia. Open Colleges was subsequently sold to the Apollo Education Group.


Mark has a specific interest in online, technology and service businesses.


Mark has worked closely with the other co-founders of Quartet Ventures, Sam Linz and Robert Gavshon, for more than 10 years.  


He has served in an advisory capacity to government educational authorities.