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Sam Linz


Sam has extensive experience in developing successful businesses and iconic brands.  In 1982, Sam acquired a majority stake in Barbeques Galore and, as Chairman, developed the company into 160 stores across Australia and the USA.  Barbeques Galore was listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.


Sam was also a major shareholder and founder of Rebel Sport, now the largest sporting goods retailer in Australia and New Zealand. Rebel Sport was subsequently listed on the Australian Stock Exhange and later returned to private equity ownership.  Previously, Sam commenced his career in South Africa through the development of a large retail liquor and hotel chain.


More recently, Sam has been actively involved in the education industry, being a founder Director of the Think: Education Group, the largest private Higher Education organisation in Australia that was subsequently sold to Seek.  Sam was also a founding investor in Open Colleges, the largest private online education organisation in Australia.  Open Colleges was subsequently sold to the Apollo Education Group.


Sam has specialist expertise in retail and marketing.   Sam continues to invest in online and other disruptive technologies and is a member of the Quartet Ventures Investment Committee.

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