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We invest in creativity, passion, disruption & great people


We take a very different approach in deciding who, and what businesses to back.  The founders of Quartet have a wealth of experience in building succesful businesses and know what it takes to get there.


At Quartet Ventures, it's all about great people, disruptive ideas and brilliant execution.  


We are motivated to share in success. We are not fixated on control or owning 100% - we want our partners to think and feel about the business the way we do.


Our partners are an essential element of the Quartet.




Our culture is built on  a diverse mix of entrepreneurial skills that are blended in a unique combination to drive optimal outcomes.


Each business is unique, and every deal is different.  However, our approach is consistent - we don't invest in start-up's, we invest for the long term.


We are committed to good corporate governance but are passionately averse to bureaucracy.


We constantly seek to drive innovation and change in the face of disruption. We believe that gut is good, but data is better.  And good enough today will not ensure survival tomorrow.



We spend all our time:

  • Identifying

  • Evaluating

  • Strategising

  • Investing

  • Supporting

  • Growing

We are not:

  • Consultants

  • Corporate Advisors

  • Investment Bankers

  • Passive investors



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